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1. Lekcija, predavanje ili prezentacija

2. Pisani tekst i lekcija

3. Vizuelni materijal

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5. Multimedijalni materijal

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INPUT 0: Written text


Glaciers and ice sheets are specific territories on the Earth that exhibit special, very hard conditions. There are different life forms throughout the world, however none of them was proved to be able to survive in such conditions. These life forms would be required to thrive under the constant disturbance of limiting factors. 

The first limitation factor is temperature. Glaciers and ice sheets tend to have almost the lowest temperatures on the Earth. Every organism would collapse due to such impact. 

Second factor that prevents the existence of organisms on glaciers and ice sheets is lack of food. Organisms couldn't find food there and thus they would easily demise. A number of scientists have tried to prove the theory that this kind of life is possible. However every one of them failed. They took a vast sample of the glaciers and ice sheets and tried to discover some life under the microscope. Through their diligent and careful examination they found absolutely nothing.

INPUT 1: Lecture

short presentations

INPUT 2: Written text and lecture

INPUT 3: Visualization

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INPUT 4: Written text and visualization

INPUT 5: Multimedia  

INPUT 6: Written text and multimedia

Benefits of:







Ecology- Commercial fishing

Firstly, commercial fishing satisfies the world’s demand for seafood. Since the population is rapidly rising, there are increasingly more hungry mouths. Moreover, the pacific countries use fish instead of the meat, so the need is even greater. However, the population of fish is decreasing because they are taken away faster than they can reproduce. As a result, some edible species are becoming extinct, leaving us with even greater famine.
Secondly, commercial fishing reflects well on the world economy. It opens more working spaces and increases the BDP. On the other hand, it inhibits the progress of local fishers who can not compete with superior boats. As a result, many families are left impoverished and hungry.
Thirdly, safer boats are used in commercial fishing. Since they are bigger and stronger than the ordinary fishing boats, the crew is safe and no unnecessary casualties are made. Nevertheless, these ships are great pollutants. Their disposal of fossil fuels in the sea contributes to the creation of the dark spots, areas where no organism can survive.


Firstly, globalisation increases economic growth. By exchanging goods internationally, every country that participates in globalisation can develop and financially progress. On the other hand, the richest countries are profiting the most, so this can lead to increased monetary gap between developed and poor countries.
Secondly, globalisation increases cultural awareness. Through exchanged cultural goods and social platforms, the number of people understanding and appreciating other cultures is increasing. This leads to mutual reverence between nations and increased creativity in artists. However, globalisation also leads to cultural homogeneity. As a result many cultures are evaporating and humanity is moving towards monoculture.
Thirdly, technology and developments are spread more easily across the continents. Major companies, such as Apple and Amazon, export their goods in other countries allowing them to enjoy newest inventions. Nevertheless, globalisation puts more power in the hands of multinational corporations. Smaller businesses as they can not compete with rapidly growing companies declare bankruptcy. As a result many people are becoming poor and miserable.

 Building the new factory

The positive side of factory building is industrial growth. Production is rising, and consequently more goods are sold. This benefits local residents, because it brings money to the community. This way, living standards are rising and inhabitants' lives are becoming more convenient. Also, the new factory opens new working spaces. Accordingly, unemployment is declining and even more money is made. Also, new residents are settling in the area, and as a result the community is growing. Factories can turn poor urban areas into developed and significantly upgrade residents’ lives. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages factory construction brings. Firstly, factories bring enormous pollution to the area. They pollute the water by emitting harmful gases to the atmosphere. Carbon-dioxide, essential part of those gases, creates the greenhouse effect, which is a main factor of global warming. Also, some compounds of emitted gases acidize the rain. Acid rain contaminates the water and soil, and destroys historical monuments. Also, chemical spills and toxic waste additionally contribute to pollution. As a result, the health of people and local flora and fauna is jeopardized. Secondly, factories are producing a great amount of noise. This disturbs inhabitants and animals. People are unable to fulfill their obligations properly and animals are running away in order to find calmer environments.

Final materials

Owning a pet

Pet brings love and positive feelings. However, because of the love, losing can bring misery and pain.

When you have a pet you have someone to play with and have fun. On the other hand, owning an animal requires much work and obligations.

Finally, a home with a pet is always cheerful and alive. Nevertheless, there is never silence when you need it.


In these materials we read and heard something about the existence of life forms on glaciers and ice sheets.       

Firstly, in the reading material we learned that the temperature in these places are too low to sustain any form of life. However, in the listening part the professor explained that there are some microorganisms that can survive these harsh conditions due to some physical adaptations.

Secondly, in the reading part we read that no living organisms can find nourishment in those conditions. On the other hand, in the listening part we learned that some organisms produce food through photosynthesis for themselves and consequently for other species.

Thirdly, in the reading material it is claimed that in a large number of various researches no life was found under the microscope. Nevertheless, the professor in the listening part argued that some recently conducted experiments with the assistance of microscopes proved the existence of life on both glaciers and ice sheets.

Online learning

In these materials we read and heard something about online learning. There are some opposite claims in both materials.                                                                                                               First point of disagreement is time. While in the reading part it is written that students do not waste their time when learning online, in the listening part the lecturer said that this time is sometimes misused when students are not focused or they are not even present in front of their computers.                                                                                                                               Secondly, in the reading we read that evaluation and testing of students is more objective. However, the lecturer said that some students could rewrite from other students or even someone else could do the task for them.                                                                                                  Finally, it is written that a lot of resources are available. On the other hand, in the listening part it was said that students do not use other resources or they do not even exchange the ideas with other students.

Working in groups

In these materials we read and heard something about working in group. There are some opposite claims in both materials.

Firstly, in reading we read that working with others give possibility to hear more different solutions and ideas for some problem and understand things from different angle. However, the lecturer said that some people need to work and understand at different speeds than the others. Thus, there would not be good exchange of ideas.

Second point of disagreement is efficient of working in group. While in the reading part is written that working in group is more efficient and interesting, in the listening part a lecturer said that sometimes people won’t find agreement for solving some problem. That will slow down job and make conflicts among associates.

Finally, it is written that everyone more like to work in group. On the other hand, in the listening part it was said that quiet people may not feel comfortable and they won’t make their full potential.