Primeri kratkih odgovora

My sport is really unique and special for me for many ways and that is why I like it. I will do my best to get it closer to you and make you start playing it yourself. I like tennis for 100 reasons, bit I will tell you the main ones.

 First reason is that the Tennis is individual sport and I am on my own on the court. I cant blame my team for my mistakes and when I win I will know that I deserve it.

Second reason is that I made a lot of friends and I will make even more in the future. When you play tennis, you make a lot of friends around the world who like your sport too.

Third reason is that the Tennis is like cheese. Tennis is mind game and we can compare tennis court like cheese table. You need to plan your every move and always have a strategy in your head.

There is a lot of movies that I really like, but I will single out my favorite one. My favorite movie is Harry Potter. Harry Potter has seven movie parts and it makes it even more interesting to watch. I like Harry Potter for several reasons.

First reason is that the Harry Potter is science fiction and that's my favorite genre. 

Second reason is that the world in Harry Potter is really amazing and well designed. Buildings in it have a old fashion structure and if I build buildings I would build all like that.

Third reason that Harry Potter has magical powers and also magic wand. It would be really cool if we could use magic and spells if you ask me.

My favorite movie is Mrs Dobutfire. There are two reasons why I like it. 

The first reason is main actor. Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard is a real artist and he uses his comedy advantage to describe the life of divorced man who wants to be with his children.

The second reason why I like this movie is its genre. It is comedy and I like comedies. I like to laugh, enjoy and have fun while watching comedies. 

(Have you ever tried learned to play a musical instrument?) 

Yes, I have been learning to play guitar for six years. I choose guitar for many reasons. Main reason are my parents, they are listening to rock and roll so they tough me some basic things about roc this music.