The wind is howling.

He fell because the ladder wasn’t stable.

Running will aggravate your sore knees.

A proportion is an equality of two ratios.

Elementally, coal and diamonds are the same.

In the fraction 1⁄2, the number 2 is the denominator.

Underground reservoirs of oil will soon be depleted.

Postal rates in Japan are among the highest in the world.

He jumped off the diving board and plunged into the pool.

The donkey walked slowly under the burden of its heavy load.

To save their lives, the sailors had to abandon the sinking ship.

The hikers persevered despite the bad weather and the icy trail.

As the containers rusted, the toxic waste seeped into the ground.

The once-beautiful building was now dirty, decrepit, and roofless.

The constant rain and poor drainage system caused a flood in town.

A ratio is a comparison of two quantities measured in the same units.

After a series of difficult interviews, he finally was able to obtain the job.

Babies and very old people are especially vulnerable to the new disease.

Variation is a term referring to a constant ratio in the change of a quantity.

Volunteers have been asked to sequence the files and organize the boxes.

Most dogs can be trained to retrieve objects that their owners have thrown.

Marnie and Chris spent a long time practicing their skit for the school show.

Tsunamis can have an especially catastrophic impact on coastal communities.

When they saw the strange man on their property, they unleashed their dogs.

Excessive rainfall early in the spring can adversely affect the planting of crops.

The rain fell so heavily that the banks of the river could not retain all the water.

Unfortunately, Tom’s zeal to become a rock star distracted him from his studies.

After the age of 30, his hairline began to recede further back from his forehead.

In the Pacific Northwest, the high level of precipitation ensures rich, green plant life.

Because of the shape of its throat, an ape does not have the physical ability to speak.

If you contemplate each step for so long, we will never complete this project on time.

Our recent acquisition of over 2,000 books makes ours the biggest library in the region.

The number of contaminants in the water was infinitesimal, so the water was safe to drink.

To get a good job, most people go through a long process of letter-writing and interviews.

Even though the villages are adjacent to each other, their residents speak different languages.

A reason is a motive or cause for something—a justification for thoughts, actions, or opinions.

To make it to the top of the mountain before dark, the hikers dumped their cumbersome tent.

Many cultures have fertility rites that supposedly make it more likely for women to bear children.

With the development of land cultivation, hunters and gatherers were able to settle in one place.

The decision to build a school in Lutic was arbitrary, without any thought to future housing patterns.

Modern-day sharks evolved from their ancestor Eryops, which lived more than 200 million years ago.

Usually films show us the great variety of cultural peculiarities about country where they came from.

Planners need a thorough understanding of the subject