Srednja škola u Americi

Everyday expressions in class

Greetings: Good morning / morning 

                 Hello / How do you do?

Spontaneous reactions:   Thank you / you're welcome

                                              Bless you! Congratulations

                                              Do you feel well? Sorry

Getting the attention:         Listen... Look...Excuse me...I have a question!

Asking for permission:       Can I go to the toilet? Can I sharpen, please?  Can I use a dictionary?                                                                  Can I borrow a pen/eraser/paper?                                                                                                                               Can you lend me your pen/eraser/paper?

Asking for assistance:          I need help/ more time... Sorry? Could you repeat, please?                                                             What do you mean with...?  What does... ( word ) mean?    Is this right?                                                             May I  ask... ?    How do you say... Tell me what is...


Encouraging:                      Right! Well done!  Very well!  Great job...That's fine...Brilliant...Go on                                           

Farewell:                              Goodbye  Have a nice day  Enjoy your day  See you tomorrow Take care