Academic words

The Academic Word List is a compilation of the most frequent words in academic texts. 

analysis approach area assessment assume authority available 


concept consistent constitutional context contract create 

data definition derived distribution economic environment established estimate 

evidence export factors financial

 formula function identified income indicate individual interpretation involved issues labour legal legislation major method occur percent period policy principle procedure process required research 

response role  

section sector significant similar source specific structure theory variables






aspects assistance

 categories chapter commission community complex computer 


 conduct consequences 

construction consumer

 credit cultural design distinction elements equation evaluation features final focus impact injury institute

 investment items journal

 maintenance normal obtained participation perceived positive potential previous primary purchase

 range region regulations relevant resident resources restricted security sought select site strategies survey text traditional transfer alternative circumstances comments compensation components consent considerable constant constraints contribution convention coordination core corporate corresponding criteria deduction demonstrate document dominant emphasis ensure excluded framework funds illustrated immigration implies initial instance interaction justification layer link location maximum minorities negative outcomes partnership philosophy physical proportion published reaction registered reliance removed scheme sequence sex shift specified sufficient task technical techniques technology validity volume 

access adequate annual apparent approximated attitudes attributed civil code commitment communication concentration conference contrast cycle debate despite dimensions domestic emerged error ethnic goals granted hence hypothesis implementation implications imposed integration internal investigation job label mechanism obvious occupational option output overall parallel parameters phase predicted principal prior professional project promote regime resolution retained series statistics status stress subsequent sum summary undertaken 

academic adjustment alter amendment aware capacity challenge clause compounds conflict consultation contact decline discretion draft enable energy enforcement entities equivalent evolution expansion exposure external facilitate fundamental generated generation image liberal licence logic marginal medical mental modified monitoring network notion objective orientation perspective precise prime psychology pursue ratio rejected revenue stability styles substitution sustainable symbolic target transition trend version welfare whereas

 abstract accurate acknowledged aggregate allocation assigned attached author bond brief capable cited cooperative discrimination display diversity domain edition enhanced estate exceed expert explicit federal fees flexibility furthermore gender ignored incentive incidence incorporated index inhibition initiatives input instructions intelligence interval lecture migration minimum ministry motivation neutral nevertheless overseas preceding presumption rational recovery revealed scope subsidiary tapes trace transformation transport underlying utility  

adaptation adults advocate aid channel chemical classical comprehensive comprise confirmed contrary converted couple decades definite deny differentiation disposal dynamic eliminate empirical equipment extract file finite foundation global grade guarantee hierarchical identical ideology inferred innovation insert intervention isolated media mode paradigm phenomenon priority prohibited publication quotation release reverse simulation solely somewhat submitted successive survive thesis topic transmission ultimately unique visible voluntary 

abandon accompanied accumulation ambiguous appendix appreciation arbitrary automatically bias chart clarity conformity commodity complement contemporary contradiction crucial currency denote detected deviation displacement dramatic eventually exhibit exploitation fluctuations guidelines highlighted implicit induced inevitably infrastructure inspection intensity manipulation minimised nuclear offset paragraph plus practitioners predominantly prospect radical random reinforced restore revision schedule tension termination theme thereby uniform vehicle via virtually 

widespread visual

The Duke was obliged to relinquish all rights and claims to the territory. 

He refused to relinquish sovereignty to his son.

Richard stubbornly refused to relinquish his hold on the family business.