1. Simple Questions: 

Is the sentence correct:

I am in the school.

I'm in the school.

He's is a teacher.

He's teacher.

My name's Robert.

My names are Robert.

Listen to me!

Copy this in your notebook!

Read exercise in yours book!

can I borrow a pencil?

Which sentence is correct:

2. Middle level Questions: 

3. High level Questions: 

Find the mistakes:

1. Sheila knew it was important to do well, so for weeks before the exam, she fretted, worried, and was feeling anxiety.

 2. Since the weather has improved, there are less people interested in whiling away the hours in the dark of the movie theater. 

3. After he got on the train, he realizes the report he needed to work on was still sitting on his desk back at the office. 

4. Only one of the students have finished the book, and it has been three weeks since it was assigned! 

5. Before boarding the cross-town bus, everyone must have his or her ticket. 

6. Trinny relented and finally gave us the recipe for that amazing dessert she made last Saturday, and we can’t hardly wait to try it. 

7. No matter how careful the students handle the beakers, every year a few get broken. 

8. In contrast to the high-profile company CEO, the local business owner did not receive an honorarium for speaking at the monthly meeting of the area business leaders’ society. 

9. After three days of heavy rain, as predicted the river overflowed its banks, and the water creeped up to our front door. 

10. He’s doing well following the court hearing that determined whether he should face any criminal charges.

 11. According to recent statistics, approximately 9,000 people die annual from injuries caused by an accident involving a fall, a number only exceed by deaths and injuries resulting from automobile accidents. 

12. One of the best ways to prepare for a career in journalism is to become an informed citizen by reading a variety of newspapers, watching documentaries and televised news programs, and you should read books about world leaders, politics, and grassroots movements. 

13. Many travelers use Internet ticket outlet sites and travel agents to find low-priced airline fares, not to realize that the airlines themselves often offer the cheapest tickets. 

14. The physical and psychological unrest of the working class was explored often in the plays of Arthur Miller, for who the subject of the American Dream, and its achievability for ordinary Americans, never got stale. 

15. Although it had its beginnings in Buddhism, mindful meditation is practiced around the world by people of many religions, and are shown to be effective for not only stress reduction, but for healing purposes as well. 

16. It is an enormous commitment, but every morning the members of the team get up at five and head to the pool to practice swimming. 

17. Many people believe that the end justifies the means, so weather their intentions are good or bad is irrelevant—the result is the only thing that matters. 

18. The word Gestalt, meaning a configuration that is so unified it can’t be considered in terms of parts but only as a whole, come from a school of psychology developed by Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, and Kurt Koffka in 1912 Germany. 

19. In 1839, Romantic painter and printmaker Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre revealed an invention to the French Academy of Sciences that he called the daguerreotype, which we now know as photography. 

20. The pilgrims whose journey is followed in Geoffrey Chaucer’s masterpiece The Canterbury Tales represent a cross section of 14th-century English life, and told tales that include a variety of medieval genres. 

21. Americans get almost one-third of their calories from junk food that offers little nutrition, but plenty of problems, such as obesity, diabetes, and chronic disease. 

22. Think twice before sending potentially computer-clogging e-mail attachments such as pictures and videos; if the recipient is low on disk space, or uses a dial-up service to get their e-mail, he or she won’t appreciate the gesture. 

23. During the nineteenth century, the sport of fly fishing underwent a period of great change as rod designs were improved, plaited silk lines entered in production, and Calcutta bamboo became the rod wood of choice over the previously popular lancewood. 

24. The Taj Mahal, a marble monument designed by Shah Jehan as a tributary to his wife, was completed in 1648, and incorporates many of the traditional themes of Islamic architecture, such as onion-shaped domes and flanking towers. 

25. Many birdwatchers, or birders as they prefer to be called, keep journals called life lists, in which they formally note birds they have seen and identified, typically beginning with the feathered creatures observed in one’s own backyard. 

26. Vintage handmade marbles, including mica shooters, a sulfide (in which a small figure is imbedded), and latticinio cores, have seen their values skyrocket as collectors place greater demand on the market. 

27. Among debaters, a straw man is not a bird-chaser used in cornfields, but rather a logical fallacy in which one side creates a ridiculous image of the other side and then it is easily attacked it for its ridiculousness. 

28. The purpose of the camp is improving the overall physical condition of each camper so his or her performance in any sport is enhanced.

29. Those old Atari video games in your closet are on the a wish list of the Computer Museum of America, in San Diego, California, and they hope you will donate it to their holdings.