Reči i Vokabular

Find the opposite word


1. easy
 A) cold
B) cheap
C) difference
D) difficult
2. lovely
A) old
B) expensive
C) horrible
D) quick
3. fast
 A) slow
B) small
C) quick
D) warm
4. expensive
 A) big
B) cheap
C) cold
D) hot
5. hot
 A) cold
B) new
C) tall
D) small
6. big
A) high
B) small
C) warm
D) slow
7. young
 A) old
B) big
C) small
D) quick

Fill the blank spaces 

new ________

create __________

playing _________

________ a cake

__________ music

_________ boy

transfer ____________


_________ ball

popular __________

football _________

can be __________



their ______________

after _______

buy ________

___________ waves

fresh _____________


different ________


change _______

We ________

about _________

next _________
They must ______

Fill the blank spaces 

Lukas painted a ________.

I washed the ___________.

He rarely eat ___________.

I play football every ______.

___________ object to another.

They _________ with each other.

He ___________ two cups of coffee.

The writer should be _____________.

 Send ________through a single __________. 

Sometimes, they go to _________ to swim.

Every day, we are ____________ to work very hard.

When we work together, we get better _________.

He was very late for an important _____________ with a new client.


transport, import, export, portable
The root “port” most likely means:

a. carry    b. ship    c. across

1. transport, import, export, portable                                                                                                        The root “port” most likely means                a. carry    b. ship    c. across

2. diameter, metric, speedometer, centimeter                                

The root “meter” most likely means a. distance b. machine c. measure

3. audience, audition, audible, auditory                                               The root “aud” most likely means a. speed b. hear c. people

4. construction, instruct, destruct, structure                                       The root “struct” most likely means a. build b. destroy c. stop

5. circus, circle, circular, circumstances                                                  The root “circ” most likely means a. fun b. around c. five

6. proceed, exceed, succeed, concede                                    The root “cede or ceed” most likely means a. go, yield b. fail c. obvious

7. signature, signal, sign, significant                                                    The root “sign” most likely means a. name b. mark c. visible

8. minor, minute, miniature, minimum                                                  The root “min” most likely means a. most b. less c. small 

9. thermos, thermometer, thermal, thermostat                                 The root “therm” most likely means a. bacteria b. enclosed c. heat

10. solitary, solo, solely, solitude                                                            The root “sol” most likely means a. alone b. free c. near 

11. unicorn, uniform, unit, united                                                           The root “uni” most likely means a. one b. kind c. form

Find the same root of a certain word in the each sentence

It took the police hours to pacify the angry demonstrators.

Always a strong pacifist, he promotes the cause of nonviolence.

The girls made a pact never to reveal what had happened on that night.

They offered sacrifices in order to appease their gods. 



Activity, place, jobs

Find the answer

1. Red is a ______.           A. food B. number C. color D. car 

2. Egypt is a ______.        A. country B. city C. street D. number 

3. Basketball is a ______. A. country B. sport C. fruit D. color 

4. An apple is a ______.   A. fruit B. number C. language D. color 

5. A rose is a ______.       A. food B. number C. plant D. car 

6. French is a ______.       A. city B. sport C. number D. language 

7. Seven is a ______.        A. color B. number C. city D. language 

8. A cat is ______.            A. a color B. a country C. a city D. an animal 

9. New York is a ______. A. number B. city C. color D. language 

10. Mr. James is a ______. A. number B. city C. language D. man

11. Twenty-three is a ______. A. food B. number C. color D. car 

12. Water polo is a ______. A. country B. city C. sport D. vegetable 

13. Finland is a ______. A. country B. sport C. city D. color 

14. Green is a ______. A. fruit B. language C. number D. color 

15. A banana is a ______. A. man B. fruit C. number D. language 

16. Italian is a ______. A. country B. number C. woman D. language 

17. A lion is ______. A. a city B. an animal C. a vegetable D. a child

1 8. Madrid is a ______. A. food B. language C. number D. city 

19. Gold is a ______. A. metal B. number C. language D. country 

20. Mrs. Asana is a ______. A. street B. child C. language D. woman

21. Purple and red are ______. A. numbers B. colors C. streets D. men 

22. Five and seventy are ______. A. numbers B. songs C. signs D. letters 

23. Apples and bananas are ______. A. countries B. sports C. languages D. fruits 

24. Carrots and peas are ______. A. sports B. vegetables C. meats D. colors 

25. Milk and water are ______. A. foods B. drinks C. languages D. cities 

26. Men and women are ______. A. children B. adults C. languages D. foods 

27. Boys and girls are ______. A. children B. vegetables C. numbers D. women

28. English and Japanese are ______. A. cities B. streets C. languages D. places 

29. Berlin and Havana are ______. A. numbers B. cities C. languages D. colors 

30. Dogs and cats are ______. A. streets B. children C. numbers D. pets

41. Right now, James ______ dinner. A. is talking B. is cooking C. is helping D. is doing 

42. Right now, she ______ on the phone. A. is talking B. is wearing C. is having D. is doing 

43. Right now, I ______ how to drive. A. am being B. am watching C. am turning D. am learning 

44. Right now, you ______ English. A. are studying B. are listening C. are watching D. are eating 

45. Right now, it ______ outside. A. is warming B. is raining C. is talking D. is making 

46. Oscar ______ the laundry right now. A. is making B. is being C. is doing D. is having 

47. Emily ______ me with my homework right now. A. is thinking B. is helping C. is working D. is making 

48. Right now, Dad ______ a movie. A. is watching B. is helping C. is speaking D. is having 

49. Mark ______ to India right now. A. is buying B. is making C. is doing D. is traveling

50. Henry ______ a picture right now. A. is drawing B. is thinking C. is writing D. is having

51. Andrew ______ right now. He wants to pass his test tomorrow. A. is sleeping B. is teaching C. is studying D. is eating

52. Kline ______ a letter to his parents right now. A. is studying B. is writing C. is speaking D. is singing 

53. Right now, William ______ dinner for his family. A. is reading B. is talking C. is doing D. is cooking 

54. Teresa and Jon ______ soccer right now. A. are talking B. are writing C. are playing D. are making 

55. Right now, Marion ______ a new car. A. is running B. is sleeping C. is buying D. is watching 

56. Right now, Natasha and I ______. The water feels good! A. are running B. are studying C. are                                                                       helping D. are swimming 

57. Right now, Marcel ______ with his dog. A. is trying B. is playing C. is making D. is having

58. Tommy and I ______ to a party on Saturday. A. are dancing B. are having C. are going D. are                                                                                              making 

59. The baby ______ right now. Don’t wake her up! A. is sleeping B. is walking C. is speaking D. is crying 

60. You ______ English now. A. are drawing B. are studying C. are eating D. are having

61. Esteban ______ to the playground yesterday. A. went B. had C. made D. cried 

62. Rachel ______ a new computer yesterday. A. taught B. learned C. bought D. learned 

63. Molly ______ waffles for breakfast yesterday. A. read B. ate C. took D. talked 

64. Yesterday, Connor ______ a new word. A. bought B. took C. learned D. ate 

65. Last week, Kerry ______ pasta for dinner. A. cooked B. spoke C. learned D. took 

66. Casey ______ a dog when he was a little boy. A. ate B. was C. made D. had 

67. I ______ to go to the beach yesterday. A. was B. watched C. wanted D. listened 

68. Emily’s cat ______ away last month. A. had B. studied C. ran D. talked 

69. It ______ a lot during last week’s storm. A. rained B. talked C. learned D. took 

70.Yesterday, Will ______ to his mother on the telephone. A. was B. had C. walked D. talked

71. The ______ man paid for my ticket. A. simple B. angry C. kind D. funny 

72. I cannot sleep because my neighborhood is very ______. A. happy B. average C. fun D. noisy 

73. After John washed his car, it looked very ______. A. dirty B. sweet C. old D. clean 

74. Turtles and snails do not move quickly. They are both ______ animals. A. quick B. slow C. fast D. small 

75. The ______ shirt is too ______. A. big … crazy B. large … big C. heavy … small D. wet … rainy

76. I am ______ because I did well on my math test. A. upset B. rough C. happy D. sad 

77. Paul and Marcus are ______. They have the same mother. A. women B. friends C. students D. brothers 

78. The air is very ______, and there is ______ ice on the road. A. warm … a large amount of B. cool … many C. cold … a lot of D. hot … much 

79. I always arrive to class twenty minutes ______ so that I have time to prepare. A. late B. early C. old D. after 

80.The library is a good place to ______ because it is very ______. A. study … quiet B. eat … hungry C. learn … intelligent D. read … open

81. The rope is hard to cut because it is so ______. A. new B. weak C. sad D. thick 

82. The food tastes ______. It was prepared by ______ chef. A. great … an excellent B. delicious … a bad C. terrible … a good D. bad … an excellent 

83. Mary and Laura are ______ because they have the same father and mother. A. women B. friends C. sisters D. men 

84. After she completed the hard exercise class, Angie felt ______. A. strange B. angry C. tired D. old 

85. After working on it for days, Xavier finally finished the ______ puzzle. It was hard. A. easy B. difficult C. dangerous D. wise 

86. Elephants are ______. Ants are ______. A. big … large B. small … big C. tiny … small D. huge … tiny 

87. John got very ______ because Marcy broke his toy. A. hungry B. upset C. sleepy D. slow 

88. Although Margo tries to be on time for her class, she still arrives ______. A. late B. great C. silly D. noisy 

89. The ______ recipe has ______ ingredients. A. simple … a lot B. difficult … few C. complicated … many D. sweet … bitter 

90.When I said the correct answer, the teacher told me that I was ______. A. right B. wrong C. bad D. close

Fulfill the blank spaces

1. The ______ man paid for my ticket. A. simple B. angry C. kind D. funny 

2. I cannot sleep because my neighborhood is very ______. A. happy B. average C. fun D. noisy 

3. After John washed his car, it looked very ______. A. dirty B. sweet C. old D. clean 

4. Turtles and snails do not move quickly. They are both ______ animals. A. quick B. slow C. fast D. small 

5. The ______ shirt is too ______. A. big … crazy B. large … big C. heavy … small D. wet … rainy 

6. I am ______ because I did well on my math test. A. upset B. rough C. happy D. sad 

7. Paul and Marcus are ______. They have the same mother. A. women B. friends C. students D. brothers 

8. The air is very ______, and there is ______ ice on the road. A. warm … a large amount of B. cool … many C. cold … a lot of D. hot … much 

9. I always arrive to class twenty minutes ______ so that I have time to prepare. A. late B. early C. old D. after 

10. The library is a good place to ______ because it is very ______. A. study … quiet B. eat … hungry C. learn … intelligent D. read … open 

1. Despite his growing wealth and power, Teddy remains ______ man. A. a humble B. an irritable C. a greedy D. an intelligent 

2. Because Mary is so ______, she is ______. A. friendly … despised B. unpleasant … unpopular C. generous … wealthy D. strange … fortunate 

3. Some snakes are very ______, so you should take caution if you see one. A. dangerous B. slippery C. careful D. favorable 

4. Donald was not ______ and had to go to the doctor so that he wouldn’t be ______ anymore. A. tall … smooth B. beautiful … pretty C. healthy … sick D. rich … poor  

5. Though cats are known for being unfriendly, most of the cats I know are ______ and ______. A. lovely … ugly B. skillful … furry C. strong … athletic D. kind … gentle 

6. Billy cannot play the piano very well, since he ______ practices. A. sometimes B. usually C. always D. never 

7. I cannot ______ the price of a ticket, so I cannot see the movie. A. buy B. save C. donate D. afford 

8. Although the desert gets very hot during the day, it is very ______ at night. A. dry B. humid C. cold D. lonely 

9. Jared placed the plant ______ the other two plants, so that it was in the middle. A. between B. over C. through D. outside 

10.Even though I knew the rock weighed a lot, it was still ______ than I thought I would be. A. lighter B. larger C. heavier D. sharper 

1. Unlike the actual building, which was quite sturdy, Cam’s model of the building was ______. A. plastic B. stable C. false D. fragile 

2. The gymnast was very ______, but her younger sister was completely ______. A. heavy … weighty B. hollow … skinny C. flexible … rigid D. soft … crafty 

3. The road is ______, so cars that drive it are constantly turning and swerving. A. flat B. curvy C. weird D. peaceful 

4. Jackie is full of ______ and believes she can achieve almost any goal she sets for herself. A. confidence B. courage C. concern D. comfort 

5. While Johnny is not ______, he is not necessarily ______, either. A. hungry … tired B. tall … short C. smart … intelligent D. fat … thick 

6. Although the message was meant to be ______, I don’t mind if you tell it to your friends. A. special B. secret C. permanent D. educational 

7. My mother gets seasick, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she got ______ on my uncle’s boat. A. queasy B. healthy C. tired D. energetic 

8. While none of the critics ______ the film, almost everyone I know who saw it absolutely ______ it. A. liked … hated B. respected … disliked C. saw … avoided D. enjoyed … loved 

9. The town decided to make the fair ______ occurrence, meaning it will take place every year. A. an apparent B. a common C. a weekly D. an annual 

10.The animal shelter had a ______ of kittens to choose from, and it was difficult to choose between the calico, the white cat, the Persian, and the Siamese. A. variety B. lack C. supply D. team                        

1. At first my parents did not allow me to ever play video games after school, but now they ______ it sometimes. A. encourage B. ban C. permit D. expect 

2. When you need ______ count, it is not okay to estimate. A. an accurate B. a guessed C. a gigantic D. a truthful 

3. Alexis was excited to begin her new job, and we were impressed by how ______ she was. A. entertained B. eager C. experienced D. essential 

4. The actor always wore a mask and ______ his face, so it was exciting to see what he looked like when he finally ______ himself. A. decorated … cleansed B. covered … concealed C. exposed … disguised D. hid … revealed 

5. The book’s ______ was shocking, since I never thought the book would end with a major death. A. beginning B. conclusion C. impression D. section  

6. Before I knew the rules, the game seemed ______, but now it seems so ______. A. straightforward … easy B. complex … bizarre C. fun … thrilling D. complicated … simple 

7. In order to ______ her weight, Bernice decided to go on a diet. A. reduce B. expand C. release D. extend 

8. In order to ______ the project, we need to finish all of the tasks it includes. A. complete B. delay C. prevent D. assist 

9. The coach just wanted Sara to ______ the new technique, so she was upset when Sara refused to ______ it. A. explain … learn B. perform … enjoy C. try … attempt D. examine … understand 

10.Unlike hippos, which I find ugly, flamingoes are ______. A. interesting B. graceful C. awful D. attractive 

1. This spinach omelet makes for ______ breakfast; it has the vegetables and protein needed for a healthy diet. A. a delicious B. a filling C. a fortunate D. an edible E. a nutritious 

2. Jerry’s grandfather’s house is full of ______ technology such as rotary-dial phones and other devices that are no longer in use. A. prehistoric B. obsolete C. current D. broken E. advanced 

3. My younger brother constantly misbehaves and is always causing ______. A. hostility B. generosity C. violence D. courtesy E. mischief 

4. The teacher only has one copy of the worksheet right now, so she is going to ______ it and give the new copy to her student. A. translate B. multiply C. duplicate D. plagiarize E. expand 

5. Montero was ______ about the upcoming investigation, and he was only made more ______ by the newspaper accounts of it. A. upset … easygoing B. angry … frightened C. relaxed … stressed D. anxious … nervous E. aggressive … calm 

6. Almost no one actually believes that the god Zeus lives on top of Mount Olympus; most people understand that this is just a ______, not a reality. A. poem B. lyric C. myth D. sonnet E. counterfeit 

7. The carpenter ant is ______ critter and is not at all ______. A. an immense … gigantic B. an industrious … lazy C. a stupid … ignorant D. an active … energetic E. a tireless … hardworking 

 8. The attorney suggested that the witness's testimony was ______ because the witness was a known liar. A. sincere B. amazing C. insane D. unreliable E. innocent 

1. The governor thinks the tax is a good one and would like to see it continue, but his opponent wants to ______ it. A. abolish B. amend C. modify D. enact E. employ 

2. My neighbor wears a mask when he is outdoors because he doesn’t want to ______ the pollution in the air. A. consume B. overcome C. infect D. inhale E. provoke 

3. Ash tried to move the large rock that was blocking the road, but it wouldn’t ______. A. budge B. rotate C. dodge D. evade E. wander 

4. Though the thief ______ the evidence in the woods, it was ______ by the police, who were able to link the evidence to the criminal. A. disguised … removed B. hid … camouflaged C. buried … excavated D. concealed … harmed E. exposed … sheltered 

5. Educated people have ______ when applying for jobs; they are more likely to be hired. A. a challenge B. a prejudice C. an advantage D. a handicap E. a talent 6. The dentist told me there were ______ reasons to brush my teeth, but I can only think of one. A. magnificent B. few C. numerous D. insufficient E. important 

7. Claudio’s parents don’t speak English, so he has to ______ his teacher’s letters from English to Spanish so they can read them. A. fabricate B. originate C. divide D. translate E. digest 

8. My mother said I needed a ______ to come with me to the zoo because I was not old enough to go ______, so I brought my friend with me. A. partner … together B. friend … accompanied C. peasant … solo D. visitor … independently E. companion … alone 

1. Chris and Mackenzie were both ______, so they decided to purchase ______ to share. A. thirsty … a beverage B. hungry … a soda C. exhausted … a meal D. starving … medicine E. confused … a snack 

2. Martin is not old enough to vote, live alone, or even drive, since he is still ______. A. an employee B. a minor C. an heir D. a male E. an adult 

3. The classroom seems ______ today, because all of the desks are in an unusual arrangement and everything feels mysterious. A. commonplace B. luxurious C. miniature D. peculiar E. ordinary 

4. People always say that I look just like my mother, but I think I ______ my father. A. resemble B. imitate C. match D. compare to E. duplicate 

5. Small cars are ______ for large families; they don’t have enough seating or space to be useful. A. successful B. profitable C. impractical D. inactive E. damaging 

6. Unlike Bermuda, which has a ______ climate, Minnesota is often ______, especially in the winter. A. breezy … windy B. cold … chilly C. stormy … unpredictable D. warm … humid E. tropical … frigid 

7. ______ contains lists of words that have similar meanings; a student can use one to find ______ to use in his or her writing. A. An atlas … maps B. A thesaurus … synonyms C. An encyclopedia … homonyms D. A dictionary … locations E. A textbook … translations 

8. Neither team had enough players to compete in the tournament, but when the teams ______, there were enough players to compete in it as one team instead of two. A. bungled B. combined C. separated D. rebelled E. participated 

1. Although it’s not remotely frightening in the daylight, the estate takes on ______ quality at night. A. an eerie B. a stately C. a jovial D. an optimistic E. a marvelous  

2. I have always preferred ______ areas to ______ ones, because I really like the countryside. A. city … downtown B. rural … urban C. attractive … beautiful D. quiet … tranquil E. magnificent … majestic  

3. Though the accident damaged the car pretty severely, mechanics were able to ______ it and make it almost good as new. A. destroy B. build C. salvage D. hinder E. cure 

4. Silvio first arranged the anthology in ______ order based on when the writers published each piece, but he later switched to ______ ordering system based on the spelling of the authors’ names. A. reverse … a straightforward B. random … an orderly C. mathematical … a geometric D. chronological … an alphabetical E. original … a superior 

5. The other children did not want Alexander to play with them, so they ______ him from their game. A. exchanged B. exhibited C. exposed D. examined E. excluded  

6. Apart from the one small river running through it, the desert is entirely ______. A. arid B. humid C. remote D. temperate E. moist 

7. Eleanor is ______ peanuts: the smallest taste of peanut butter can stop her breathing and put her in the hospital. A. enamored of B. allergic to C. intrigued by D. interested in E. fatal to  

8. The dancer tried to ______ the movements of his teacher, exactly copying every graceful step. A. plagiarize B. interpret C. mimic D. possess E. refine 

1. The professor told her students about the project months in advance so that they would have ______ time to complete their work. A. chronological B. constant C. insufficient D. ample E. standard 

2. Because the soldier fought so valiantly, he was ______ by the president who awarded him an honorary medal. A. commended B. rejected C. encountered D. ambushed E. chastised 

3. Stalin often purged the Communist Party of his enemies and ______ in order to eliminate ______ and maintain his control over the party. A. supporters … dispute B. maniacs … rebellion C. fugitives … power D. associates … cooperation E. rivals … dissent 

4. Northampton High School is ______: students come from 24 different countries and speak 15 languages. A. diverse B. uniform C. local D. similar E. identical 

5. A new rule prohibits students from ______ on campus after school, so, now, all students must leave campus by 4 PM. A. arriving B. remaining C. dining D. returning E. fighting 

6. My mother’s ______ salary never left us with enough money to afford luxuries such as vacations, new cars, or nice clothes. A. meager B. unlimited C. supportive D. tremendous E. prosperous 

7. Trying to teach a dog to speak English is ______ task; the creature will never be able to use language like we do. A. a worthwhile B. an admirable C. a futile D. a respectable E. a fruitful 

8. Marie had never seen anything as ______ as the Grand Canyon before; she wanted to ______ at its beauty forever. A. striking … marvel B. phenomenal … scoff C. picturesque … laugh D. enormous … stare E. grotesque … look 

1. Marcel performed poorly at his audition because the judges were very ______, and he could not overcome how nervous they made him. A. intimidating B. encouraging C. talented D. portly E. uplifting 

2. Professor Frank speaks in a ______ voice, never changing pitch or sounding excited about anything. A. cacophonous B. harmonious C. musical D. energetic E. monotone 

3. After living in a ______ for many years, Pete realized he needed a change and decided to retire to a small cottage in a quiet, ______ town. A. town … familiar B. village … tiny C. metropolis … country D. house … soothing E. city … urban 

4. Students are not allowed to copy others’ work when writing their reports; instead, they must ______ the things they read in their own words. A. plagiarize B. steal C. define D. paraphrase E. parody 

5. Since the harvest was so ______, the tribe held a lavish feast and, after the ______, the tribe still had enough food left over to preserve for the winter. A. abundant … meal B. meager … celebration C. minute … festival D. beneficial … mourning E. cultivated … suffering 

6. Although Eric was ______ to admit his guilt, he ultimately confessed that he had stolen Jessica’s wallet. A. eager B. reluctant C. swift D. grateful E. obliging 

7. Some scientists worry that humans are ______ the earth’s resources too quickly and that humanity will soon run out of essentials such as clean freshwater. A. depleting B. displacing C. decorating D. donating E. dominating 

8. All members of the jury must agree about whether or not the suspect is guilty; the trial will be thrown out if they cannot make ______ decision. A. an inconclusive B. a rational C. an expected D. an innocent E. a unanimous 

1. Despite the unfavorable attention brought on by some critics, the press had ______ effect on the campaign overall. A. a beneficial B. a neutral C. an inert D. a destructive E. a harmful 

2. Although Kate’s report on her scientific findings was lengthy, the presentation she held was rather ______. A. brief B. thorough C. mundane D. straightforward E. elaborate 

3. The new building was expansive; its ______ foundation allowed for wider hallways than its predecessor. A. shallow B. small C. broad D. thin E. fancy 

4. The famous pop singer tragically died at age thirty-two; it was an ______ event for all his many fans, but it was especially hard on his most ______ fans. A. unthinkable … healthy B. amazing … dubious C. appalling … devoted D. appreciated … strange E. emotional … heavy  

5. It is no secret that prison can be rather ______; grim conditions and severe treatment have been known to ______ even the most hardened criminals. A. cruel ... entertain B. harsh ... dishearten C. pleasant ... encourage D. awful ... satisfy E. horrendous ... soothe 

6. Unlike the misleading television documentary, the biography was ______. A. interesting B. accurate C. fantastic D. phony E. false 

7. According to clinicians, psychopaths are ______: that is, they are intentionally violent and mean. A. sympathetic B. timid C. polite D. vicious E. infrequent 

8. The doctor takes note of any ______ marks on the patient’s skin, because such abnormalities often indicate the presence of skin cancer. A. irregular B. typical C. ordinary D. invisible E. common 

1. Mr. Hawkins’ philosophy course gets ______ quickly, even though the school has increased the enrollment limit twice already. A. started B. filled C. vacated D. completed E. concluded  

2. Under ordinary circumstances, the board would never ______ such behavior, but, since she was the CEO, her wrongdoing was casually overlooked. A. administer B. thwart C. suspect D. condone E. reprimand 

3. It took Miranda years of substance abuse counseling to finally achieve ______; she now leads a healthy life free of drugs and alcohol. A. sobriety B. assistance C. dignity D. addiction E. depression 

4. Although they have always done things ______ in the past, the twins felt it was crucial that they experience college ______, and foster a healthy sense of independence. A. closely ... collectively B. joyfully ... happily C. deceptively ... quietly D. individually ... independently E. jointly ... separately  

5. Most people consider torture to be ______ because it is an act of cruelty; however, some assert that it is ______ in deterring crimes. A. offensive ... dangerous B. amazing ... crucial C. horrible ... mediocre D. immoral ... useful E. terrible ... unforgivable 

6. Health insurance prevents routine medical visits from becoming too ______ for the average citizen; without insurance, seeing a doctor can be very expensive. A. helpful B. urgent C. costly D. valuable E. advantageous 

7. Josh lets procrastination get the best of him; he ______ completed his project the night before it was due, resulting in a sloppy presentation. A. patiently B. slowly C. hastily D. nervously E. carefully 

8. During marathons, ______ runners— those runners who are better and faster than the other competitors—are given special water stops and earlier start times. A. sluggish B. athletic C. opulent D. elite E. wealthy 

1. Considering the fact that he heinously cheated on the final exam, receiving a failing grade seems like ______ punishment. A. a brutal B. an unfair C. an appropriate D. a futile E. an unthinkable 

2. Despite his ______ range of interests, he was only expert in a limited number of fields. A. extensive B. narrow C. eerie D. regular E. peculiar 

3. Trina’s parents are concerned with how ______ she has become this summer, so they are trying to find more activities to occupy her time. A. athletic B. idle C. active D. productive E. relaxed 

4. Due to the ______ of hurricanes near the coast, a beach house must have sturdy walls to prevent it from collapsing during any of the frequent hurricanes that occur each year. A. lack B. scarcity C. negligence D. prevalence E. depletion 

5. Though the advertisement for the used car said it was in immaculate condition, Jose quickly noticed several ______ in the automobile. A. incidents B. luxuries C. flaws D. claims E. diseases 

6. Unlike her dog, which has ______ hair, Sam’s horse has ______ hair, making it easier to groom. A. fine ... oily B. thick ... robust C. curly ... straight D. smooth ... filthy E. coarse ... knotted 

7. Cindy’s date proved to be a ______ gentleman: he opened doors, paid for dinner, and even called her a taxi ride home. A. questionable B. genuine C. romantic D. comical E. shady 

8. After his overwhelming ______ in the election, the new mayor adopted an aura of ______ that displeased many of the voters; he was too proud to listen to the citizens who voted him into power anymore. A. oration ... humility B. triumph ... meekness C. campaign ... annoyance D. defeat ... sadness E. victory ... arrogance 

1. Ludwig van Beethoven was a musical ______, playing his first professional concert at only seven years old. A. hack B. phenomenon C. spectacle D. fluke E. prodigy 

2. Stephen’s parents encourage him to pursue a ______ career in medicine or law; they want to see him become rich and successful. A. stressful B. worthwhile C. rewarding D. lucrative E. prestigious 

3. Although Dina is ______ about the governor’s reelection campaign, Carla regards it with ______. A. passionate … indifference B. reckless … callousness C. upset … carelessness D. exuberant … enthusiasm E. exceptional … zeal 

4. Students who are interested in foreign languages are encouraged to ______ their studies by adding courses in linguistics to their schedules. A. accelerate B. condense C. supplement D. prolong E. duplicate 

5. The novelist had ______ manner that could irk anyone; after all, no one likes ______. A. a meek … a genius B. a pompous … an egotist C. a standoffish … a bore D. an arrogant … an optimist E. an assertive … a braggart 

6. Known for her patience and kindness, Nurse Steele is one of the most ______ employees in the entire hospital. A. boorish B. benign C. genial D. irritable E. contrary 

7. Many Horatio Alger stories feature ______ young man who is able to achieve the American Dream because of his own hard work and merit. A. a fortunate B. an insolent C. a ruthless D. a diligent E. a negligent 

8. Six months of chemotherapy and radiation have left my cancer-stricken aunt looking unhealthy and ______. A. gaunt B. brawny C. vigorous D. svelte E. trim   

1. The villain’s henchman was ______, following every degrading command without hesitation or question. A. humble B. freethinking C. uppity D. servile E. modest 

2. In our system, one must be sworn into office, so, although the candidate won the election in November, he will not become president until he is ______ in January. A. inaugurated B. baptized C. discharged D. established E. annulled 

3. Coleen’s knee injury ______ her from furthering her career as a longdistance runner. A. forbids B. facilitates C. precludes D. nurtures E. eschews 

4. Because of her use of convoluted language, the professor failed to ______ her ideas to her students; they later argued that her poor communication skills resulted in confusion and misunderstanding. A. bequeath B. contract C. commit D. yield E. convey  

5. The death of the king left the nation in a state of ______: without a clear successor, conditions rapidly descended into ______. A. confederation … disorder B. sorrow … tumult C. anarchy … chaos D. panic … tranquility E. mutiny … serenity  

6. When the dentist removed my wisdom teeth, she used drugs to ______ the pain and make me unconscious—if she hadn’t, the pain from the operation would have been ______. A. sedate … uncomfortable B. amplify … fierce C. dull … excruciating D. heighten … exquisite E. quell … moderate 

7. It is ______ that this message be delivered to the general, so be absolutely certain he gets it. A. imperative B. optional C. intentional D. adequate E. abnormal 

8. Leila is ______ reader and has read more than eighty books this year. A. a careful B. an avid C. a casual D. a reluctant E. an occasional 

1. Though Peter did not appear to be particularly ______, he was easily the ______ player on the team. A. brawny … strongest B. athletic … frailest C. husky … bravest D. delicate … densest E. intelligent … fastest 

2. In order to ______ discussion about the novel, the teacher asked his students a series of questions about its themes. A. advocate B. hasten C. aggravate D. facilitate E. perplex 

3. Though the attorney did not directly state that the witness was a liar, the jury was able to ______ that the witness was not ______. A. understand … valuable B. imagine … scandalous C. infer … trustworthy D. deduce … likeable E. impose … honest 

4. The helicopter ______ over the scene of the accident and lingered at a low altitude. A. soared B. hovered C. excelled D. collided E. stormed  

5. Jacob’s mother and father both had to ______ him from his sleep because he had slept through his alarm. A. fluctuate B. deliver C. lull D. tremble E. rouse  

6. In an effort to make sure that no one found the evidence of his crime, Dean attempted to ______ it from investigators. A. condemn B. consecrate C. conceal D. convict E. contemplate  

7. The bombing of Pearl Harbor was ______ act of hostility, and the United States reacted to the blatant act with a declaration of war on Japan. A. a clandestine B. an overt C. an inconspicuous D. an ambiguous E. a petty  

8. Allen Ginsberg’s poetry offers ______ insight into the counterculture of the 1950s; his writings give readers a deep understanding of the Beat movement. A. profound B. scholarly C. cryptic D. superficial E. shallow 

1. Athens is remembered by historians as a peaceful society known for its philosophers and scientists, while its neighbor, Sparta, is remembered for its ______ people and focus. A. chivalrous B. contentious C. controversial D. inflammatory E. martial 

2. The storm ______ our efforts to hold a company picnic in the park last weekend, because it was impossible to stay outdoors in such a ______. A. destroyed … squalor B. bolstered … torrent C. thwarted … downpour D. increased … monsoon E. ruined … tragedy 

3. The two rich cousins were very similar to each other in their ______ lifestyles: both spent money freely and ostentatiously displayed the ______ of their homes to their less wealthy neighbors. A. lavish … opulence B. frugal … misery C. stingy … sumptuousness D. austere … grandeur E. luxurious … deficiency 

4. Tim was such a worthless and lazy contributor to the group that his inclusion in it served as ______, rather than an advantage, to the group’s progress. A. a hindrance B. a positive C. an onus D. a cancer E. a boon 

5. Many critics worry that technological devices are becoming ______ too soon these days; they contend that humans are becoming too obsessed with progress and that the proliferation of outdated and outmoded technology underscores this obsession. A. empowered B. electronic C. obsolete D. updated E. reconfigured 

6. Far from being harmful as was thought to be the case, running on bare feet is ______ at worst and beneficial at best. A. innocuous B. detrimental C. profitable D. ambivalent E. injurious 

1. Because of the professor’s reputation for being ______, the students in her class were surprised by her ______ in the first lecture of the semester. A. garrulous ... bombast B. pithy ... terseness C. succinct ... congeniality D. loquacious ... brevity E. erudite ... intellect 

2. Nearly every ancient culture had a myth involving a trickster character, a ______ individual who creates devilry either through cunningness or foolishness. A. mischievous B. venerable C. stoic D. portly E. stern 

3. The hall of fame committee was nearly unanimous in ______ the star athlete; only one voter ______ and did not support the athlete’s induction. A. dismissing ... saluted B. praising ... duped C. lauding ... dissented D. reprimanding ... abstained E. ruing ... refrained 

4. The repair shop attempted to ______ the damaged automobile but ultimately decided it was irreparable. A. sabotage B. sap C. salvage D. retain E. economize  

5. Far more than being merely ______, the titular character in Herman Melville’s The Confidence-Man appears to be downright ______; most contemporary scholars assume he is a fill-in for the devil. A. villainous ... evil B. restive ... furtive C. decorous ... misanthropic D. nefarious ... indecent E. moral ... virtuous 

6. The author’s first novel had such a ______ story that critics quickly dismissed the author as a ______. A. hackneyed ... professional B. suspenseful ... poseur C. transparent ... scamp D. trite ... hack E. convoluted ... realist 

1. In the 1970s, gas prices rose drastically because of ______ of oil entering the marketplace; as with any commodity, gas prices are impacted by the basic laws of supply and demand. A. a peak B. a glut C. an amount D. an inundation E. a dearth 

2. Much of Moliére’s work was satirical in nature; in Tartuffe, for instance, he ______ much of French high society, including church leaders. A. administers B. lampoons C. immortalizes D. lauds E. disgusts 

3. The coach was dismayed to find that his team was unable to get past its ______ start; rather than being ______ in the second half, the team remained lethargic throughout. A. slipshod ... enumerated B. slow ... enervated C. slapdash ... enraged D. sluggish ... energized E. slothful ... engaged 

4. One of the most effective ways to resolve conflict is to seek an outside mediator, someone who can hear both sides of the argument and attempt to ______ the angered parties. A. inflame B. pacify C. outwit D. bolster E. entice 

5. Once the District Attorney convinced the ______ star witness to testify, her once ______ case suddenly appeared more than sufficient. A. obsolete ... scanty B. ruthless ... infamous C. treacherous ... robust D. reluctant ... flimsy E. paltry ... obstinate 

6. In On the Road, Jack Kerouac documented the ______ lifestyle he and other members of the Beat generation practiced; rather than settle down in one place, many of them would move around from coast to coast. A. transient B. exotic C. pedestrian D. nontraditional E. orthodox 

1. The airplane manufacturer realized a flaw in its design when tests revealed that the cabin door required too much force to be opened in an emergency: for safety purposes, the door needs to be difficult to open but not ______. A. indelible B. immutable C. immobile D. indelicate E. impossible 

2. When the headlights shone on the raccoon that was foraging in the trash, the alarmed critter ______ away. A. pilfered B. scurried C. dawdled D. trespassed E. sauntered 

3. The three-legged race is ______ teambuilding activity: when two people are ______ together, they must communicate effectively in order to move forward. A. a superb ... weaned B. an excellent ... yoked C. an obvious ... waffled D. an ineffective ... cuffed E. a sordid ... chained 

4. Many voters were turned off by the mayoral candidate’s reliance on ______; he seemed unable to answer a question in a straightforward, nonevasive manner. A. circumlocution B. eloquence C. terseness D. conciseness E. animosity 

5. Due to a conflict of interest, the judge was forced to ______ herself from hearing the case and ______ from voting in the decision. A. remove ... pander B. quell ... forgo C. abjure ... afford D. recuse ... abstain E. indulge ... decline  

6. Because of rumors that the ship’s passengers were sick with a terrible plague, the port ______ the ship and refused to let it dock. A. begrudged B. nurtured C. purported D. sanctioned E. quarantined 

1. The overly ______ title character was the embodiment of greed: he was so ______ that he literally sold his daughter to the highest bidder. A. conventional ... orthodox B. covetous ... acquisitive C. gluttonous ... clever D. gregarious ... avid E. stingy ... philanthropic 

2. After wandering the desert for nearly three days without sight of water, the commander was overwhelmed with joy to ______ an oasis in the distance, as it would mean he and his troop could drink. A. escape B. esteem C. eschew D. espy E. establish 

3. The couple was upset by the construction of the new skyscraper across the street, as the building would ______ their once scenic view. A. ameliorate B. obstruct C. obviate D. refine E. plagiarize  

4. Many cult leaders will go to great lengths to impress others: for example, Jim Jones, one of history’s most infamous religious ______, staged miracles to convince his retinue to continue following him. A. raconteurs B. connoisseurs C. pundits D. ethicists E. hucksters  

5. The veterinarian told us that the kitten’s original owners were ______ and did not give her adequate food, water, or shelter. A. scurrilous B. remiss C. prudent D. sheer E. doting 

6. One of the most important steps of the recipe is to ______ out impurities from the soup; failure to ______ the broth for fat and burnt bits will make for a bitter soup. A. filter ... skim B. withstand ... resist C. sieve ... peruse D. scuttle ... obliterate E. separate ... nettle                                                                                  

1. Maria could not figure out which was more disgustingly humid: the sweltering Alabama air outside, or the ______ cellar in which she found herself during the tornado warning. A. arid B. cavernous C. dank D. subterranean E. grimy 

2. Almost every nation in the world has a holiday to ______ its birth, and the U.S. is no exception: every year, Americans celebrate the signing of their nation’s Declaration of Independence, America’s founding document, on July 4th. A. disparage B. sacrifice C. malign D. worship E. observe 

3. To fully understand ______ work such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm, one must be able to differentiate ______ events of the plot from the abundant extended metaphors. A. an allegorical ... literal B. a parabolic ... figurative C. a satirical ... emblematic D. a straightforward ... comic E. a tragic ... superficial 

4. When the AFL and CIO unions merged in 1955, the ______ resulted in the largest and most powerful labor union in America. A. dissociation B. amalgamation C. agreement D. concord E. estrangement  

5. Although Dorian Grey’s ______ ultimately leads to his undoing, many readers forget that he is ______ at the beginning of the novel, before the novel’s events change him. A. malevolence … spiteful B. enmity … hostile C. rancor … arrogant D. conceit … humble E. modesty … unpretentious 

6. Lenny Bruce’s fans enjoyed his crass humor, but eventually his ______ jokes were deemed obscene by the general public, and he was blacklisted from performing at many nightclubs. A. scatological B. genteel C. esoteric D. decorous E. vulgar

1. My chronic back pain was only ______ by the whiplash I experienced in the car crash. A. ameliorated B. aggravated C. alleviated D. assuaged E. amended 

2. The ______ ceremony of the ancient tribe can be shocking to modern researchers who are not familiar or comfortable with human sacrifices. A. atonement B. immolation C. hedonistic D. ritualistic E. penance 

3. The argument Laura made in her essay seemed ______; it was clear to the teacher that she had not fully thought through the differences between the moons of Saturn. A. synthesized B. sagacious C. inchoate D. developed E. coherent 

4. The film’s story seemed so ______ that audiences couldn’t believe that it was based on a true story. A. implausible B. tenable C. orchestrated D. conceivable E. lucid 

5. As punishment for his insubordination, the lance corporal was demoted and ______ to the demeaning task of cleaning the latrine. A. scourged B. patronized C. exonerated D. succored E. relegated 

6. After putting out the devastating blaze, investigators quickly came to the conclusion that the ______ was probably started by ______ device. A. arson ... an incombustible B. holocaust ... a noisome C. pyre ... a flammable D. conflagration ... an incendiary E. terror ... an inflammable                                 

 1. While still in school, Richard Nixon’s debate coach noticed the young debater’s ability to answer questions ______ and noted that Nixon rarely seemed to address anything ______. A. audaciously ... brazenly B. ambiguously ... disingenuously C. unequivocally ... absolutely D. obliquely ... directly E. bluntly ... explicitly 

2. Mrs. Rubin was taken aback by Timothy's ______, as she had never before seen a child disrespect his elders so blatantly. A. jauntiness B. reverence C. impudence D. humility E. obsequiousness 

3. Many states use a point system in which each driving infraction is worth a certain number of points, and if one exceeds a certain number of cumulative points in a year, his or her driving privileges are ______ until a later date, at which time the driver may reapply for his or her license. A. revoked B. recuperated C. reprimanded D. curbed E. instituted 

4. Though usually ______, my neighbor’s cat was quite ______ when it came to defending what she considered her territory; luckily for her, she would often win the fights she started. A. antagonistic ... placatory B. cantankerous ... belligerent C. serene ... amicable D. aggressive ... pacifistic E. peaceful ... pugnacious 

5. The councilwoman accused the city manager of ______, alleging that he abused his power to help secure a contract beneficial to his own personal bank account. A. malfeasance B. unscrupulousness C. depravity D. bribery E. misconduct 

6. Though not appreciated in the author’s own lifetime, Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason has come to be recognized as a ______ work, one that profoundly impacted Western theology for generations. A. controversial B. negligible C. seminal D. trifling E. provocative                      

1. The staff writers found the new editor-in-chief to be ______, especially when he would belittle the writers and irritate them with his desire to micromanage their stories. A. abrasive B. judicial C. charismatic D. demure E. winsome 

2. Contrary to popular belief, most Americans did not feel the deleterious effects of the stock market crash for several years; as the Depression worsened, though, millions of Americans were left ______ as the nation saw its highest unemployment levels in history. A. irate B. inferior C. covetous D. destitute E. laboring 

3. Though obviously a work of fiction, the book became popular because of its ______: because the author made even the ancient Byzantine conspiracy plot seem believable, the book sold millions of copies. A. incongruities B. disingenuousness C. honesty D. machinations E. verisimilitude 

4. The food critic was not quite sure what to make of the_______ foam that accompanied the foie gras, as it seemed ______ and added nothing to the dish overall. A. insufficient ... imperative B. causeless ... warranted C. gratuitous ... superfluous D. verbose... extravagant E. lavish ... opulent 

5. Early historians referred to Custer’s defeat at Little Big Horn as a savage massacre by the Cheyenne tribe, but most modern interpretations place the ______ in the proper historical context and note, for instance, that Custer himself had led several similar bloody attacks on various tribes in the region. A. restitution B. carnage C. ordnance D. vengeance E. insurrection 

6. Most felt that Carlton’s ______ made him incredibly unpopular, since people seldom wish to be friends with someone who constantly looks down on them. A. superciliousness B. apathy C. gregariousness D. modesty E. insensitivity 

1. Under the ______ of their mother, the newborn kittens knew they were protected, since any predator would have to harm their mother before it could get to them. A. aegis B. negligence C. truancy D. apostasy E. primogeniture 

2. In the decade after the revolution, the new government seemed to ______ and was never quite ______; this period ultimately led to a second revolution in which the current ruling party took power. A. careen ... ephemeral B. fortify ... faltering C. waver ... flimsy D. coagulate ... tenable E. totter ... stable 

3. Despite his ______ upbringing, Vladimir proved quite adept at navigating city life. A. urbane B. acrid C. bucolic D. cosmopolitan E. harsh 

4. Macbeth received what he thought was ______ prediction from three witches, but his attempts to make the auspicious portents come true tragically failed in the end. A. an ominous B. a momentous C. a lamentable D. a sinister E. a propitious  

5. The clownfish eats organisms that could potentially harm the sea anemone, while the anemone provides the clownfish with a safe shelter; both organisms benefit from this ______ relationship. A. docile B. disjointed C. amenable D. symbiotic E. contrary 

6. Because the boy had told so many ______ tales about seeing wolves, none of the villagers believed him when he actually did see a wolf. A. fallacious B. verifiable C. scrupulous D. fictitious E. concrete 

1. One of the goals of the Spanish conquistadores was to ______ the Native Americans to the Catholic faith, because the Spanish believed that natives who converted would have their souls saved from eternal punishment. A. proselytize B. hinder C. suppress D. prostrate E. coerce 

2. The criminal, having been found guilty, expected to be punished for her crimes, but she did not expect to be ______ and was shocked by how severe her sentence actually was. A. scourged B. exonerated C. reproved D. disciplined E. lauded 

3. Abraham Lincoln was famously known for his ______, which explains why he is often referred to as “Honest Abe.” A. mendacity B. humility C. veracity D. prevarications E. piety 

4. In making the decision on whether to drop the atomic bomb, President Truman attempted to ______ the weapon’s ______ effects, ultimately deciding that ending World War II outweighed the harmful consequences he imagined. A. foresee ... benevolent B. presage ... deleterious C. prognosticate ... healthful D. foreshadow ... innocuous E. refute ... noxious 

5. Sociopaths are unable to feel shame for their often heinous misdeeds, and as a result, they often shock people by their complete indifference to ________ and public outrage. A. pride B. veneration C. admonishment D. approbation E. opprobrium 

6. The reality show judge was known for his ______ comments; however, everyone who knew him recalled that he was never caustic in his personal dealings. A. sycophantic B. vituperative C. calumniating D. unctuous E. punitive 

1. Most people felt the punishment was far too ______ for the crime: what the culprit did was so despicable, even ______, as to warrant a far more severe reprimand. A. permissive … dormant B. regal … august C. tolerant … pompous D. draconian … nefarious E. lenient … heinous 

2. All of the features added to the new model of the automobile seemed totally ______ and did not add anything of import or practicality to the car. A. obnoxious B. superfluous C. pretentious D. mundane E. prescient 

3. Though the play was only two hours long, it was so ______ that it seemed to last eons. A. erroneous B. tedious C. enthralling D. enigmatic E. tantalizing 

4. One of the lessons of The Great Gatsby is not to give in to ______: if Gatsby had not sentimentalized the past, he would never have tried to repeat it. A. nostalgia B. irony C. nirvana D. mawkishness E. pretext 

5. It became abundantly clear that there was nothing more that could be done to save the ______ business, as years of irreversible and poor decisions had been contributing to its slow decay. A. myopic B. monumental C. mutable D. moribund E. motley 

6. Everything about Clyde Frazier both on and off the basketball court was ______: a flashy dresser, he always stood out wherever he went. A. egregious B. conspicuous C. covert D. embryonic E. clandestine 

Find the meaning of the bolded words:

An ultraviolet photon has twice the energy of a red photon. 

Factory management oppressed workers through intimidation.

She hadn't eaten all day, and by the time she got home she was ravenous. 

Being able to afford this luxury car will necessitate getting a better paying job.

No image is produced when the candle is placed at the focal length of the lens. 

The jar’s inertia causes it to stay at rest as the paper is pulled out from under it. 

Such a flagrant violation of school policy should be punished by nothing less than expulsion.

Choosing a small, fuel-efficient car is judicious purchase for a recent college graduate.

Brenda would provoke her little sister into an argument by teasing her and calling her names.

She reached the apogee of her career with her fourth novel, which won the Pulitzers Prize.

Shakespeare, a prolific writer, entertained audiences by writing many tragic and comic plays.

Juan's friends found him in jovial mood after he learned he would be homecoming king.

It is difficult to believe that charging 20% on and outstanding credit card balance isn't usury.

Brian's pale Irish skin was prone to burn if he spent too much time in the sun.

With all of the recent negative events in her life, she felt malignant forces must be at work.

His suit of armor made the knight invulnerable to his enemy's attack, and he was able to escape safely to his castle.

The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary vulgarity in the dialogue. 

His neighbors found his magisterial manner bossy and irritating, and they stopped inviting him to backyard barbeques.

Stephen is always punctual about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility.

I had the galling experience of sitting next to an over talkative passenger on my flight home from Paris.

With a nefarious grin, the boy quickly slipped the candy into his pocket without his mother's knowledge.

Kym was indiscriminate in choosing her friends, so her parties were attended by vastly different and sometimes bizarre personalities.

The story's bitter antagonist felt such great malevolence for all of the other characters that as a result, his life was very lonely and he died alone.

With her keen eyesight, Misha spotted a trio of deer on the hillside and he reduced the speed of his car.

The kaleidoscopic weather patterns of the tropical island meant tourists had to carry both umbrellas and sunglasses. 

Wedding ceremonies often include the exchange of votive rings to symbolize the couple's promises to each other. 

With an nefarious grin, the boy quickly slipped the candy into his pocket without his mother's knowledge .

The authorities, fearing a subversion of their power, called for a military state in the hopes of restoring order.

After making irreverent remarks to the President, the reporter was not invited to return to the White House pressroom. 

Giorgio soon discovered the source of the fetid smell in the room, a week-old tuna sandwich that one of the children had hidden in the closet.

Her maudlin display of tears at work did not impress her new boss, who felt she should try to control her emotions. 

Johan argued, "If you know about crime but don't report it, you are complicit in that crime because you allowed it to happen. 

Prince Philip had to choose; marry woman he loved and abdicate his right to the throne, or marry Lady Fiona and inherit the crown.

At any given temperature, a solid will have lower entropy than a gas, because individual molecules in the gaseous state are moving randomly, while individual molecules in a solid are constrained in place.

Fill the gaps in the texts:

Biology is the _______ that studies living organisms and their interactions with one ________ and with their environment. The process of science ________to describe and understand the nature of the universe by rational _________. Science has many fields; those fields related to the _________ world, including biology, are considered _________ sciences.

The a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of my school is very good. All the t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ and other s_ _ _ _ members follow strict discipline. The p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of my school is very s_ _ _ _ and kind. He greets a_ _ of us everyday in our school a_ _ _ _ _ _ _. My school has the b_ _ _ teachers. They all teach us with g_ _ _ _ love and k_ _ _ _ _ _. 

Picks come in different gauges or thicknesses, so if p_ _ _ _ _ _ with a pick is awkward for you at first, play around with different g_ _ _ _ until you get a feel that doesn’t f_ _ _ _ back as much (thinner or m_ _ _ _ _ gauge picks are more flexible). As your playing develops,   t_ _ to play with a s_ _ _ _ _ _ (heavier gauge) pick for the fastest r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ from the string and for the strongest s_ _ _ _.

Single-celled ________ reproduce by first duplicating their DNA, and then dividing it equally as the ___ prepares to divide to form two new cells. Multicellular organisms often produce specialized reproductive germline cells that will form ___individuals. When reproduction occurs, genes containing DNA are passed along to an organism’s ________. These ____ensure that the offspring will belong to the same species and will have similar characteristics, ____ as size and shape.

Capture _______  o_ space is old dream of humanity. The Soviet Union s___ the f____ man in the space in 1961. After that, t___ sent a  ro____ to the Moon, But w______ people. In the y___ 1969,  the astronauts from the USA t___ off. They were  i_  a spaceship and f_____ to the Moon. One of them, Nil    A_ _ _ _ _ _ _  w_ _ the first man to step on t_ _ M___.  The astronauts took r_ _ _ _ f_ _ _ Moon to the E_ _ _ _.

Once I have completed a veterinarian p_ _ _ _ _ _, I will be able to pursue my dream c_ _ _ _ _. This career provides numerous b_ _ _ _ _ _ _, the first of which is salary. The average veterinarian s_ _ _ _ _ is $60,000 a year, a salary that would definitely allow m_ to live a c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ life. Secondly, it is a rewarding job. This job would p_ _ _ _ _ _ me with the satisfaction of k_ _ _ _ _ _ that I am helping or saving an animal’s life. Finally, becoming a veterinarian w_ _ _ _ assure me a lifetime of h_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I know I would love going to my job every day, because I would be working with what I l_ _ _ most: animals. 

The evolution of various l    forms on Earth can be summarized in a phylogenetic t ___ _. A phylogenetic tree is a diagram s_____      the evolutionary relationships among biological species based on similarities and d______ _ in genetic or physical traits or both. A phylogenetic tree is c_____ _  of nodes and branches. The internal nodes represent ancestors and are points in e______   when, based on scientific evidence, an ancestor is thought to have diverged to form two news. The length of each branch is proportional to the t_____ elapsed since the split.

I study in g_ _ _ _ 1 at New Horizon P_ _ _ _ _ school. It is the best school of my a_ _ _. My school is located at the d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of 500 meters away from my home. My father d_ _ _ _ me at my s_ _ _ _ _ regularly. My school has a w_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ double storey building. All the r_ _ _ _ of my school are very wide and b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. There are around 300 students in my school. My school has a big p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for students.

Many of my p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ qualities convince me that a c_ _ _ _ _ in journalism is my calling. I find that I am a person who r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ well to challenges. Perhaps it is because of my c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ompetitive nature that challenges m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ me. And I discover that my biggest c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is usually myself. I think this i_ why I enjoy trying to combine both the creative and t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ aspects of writing. Each time I begin to w_ _ _ _, I am presented with a f_ _ _ _ challenge.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly _________ to as BMW, __ a German multinational corporate manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The corporation ___ __________ in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, which it produced from 1917 until 1918 and again from 1933 to 1945. Automobiles _____ marketed under the brands BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce, and motorcycles ___ marketed under the brand BMW Motorrad. In 2017, BMW ____ the world’s fourteenth-largest producer of motor vehicles, with 2,279,503 vehicles ________. The company ___ significant motorsport history, especially in touring cars, Formula 1, sports cars and the Isle of Man TT.

In larger organisms, cells combine to make _______, which are groups of similar cells carrying out similar or related________. Organs are collections of tissues grouped _______ performing a common ________. Organs are present not only in animals but also in _____. An organ system is a higher level of organization that ______ of functionally related organs. Mammals have many ____ systems. For instance, the _________ system transports blood through the body and to and from the lungs; it includes organs such as the _____ and blood vessels. Organisms are individual living entities. For example, each tree in a _____ is an organism. Single-celled prokaryotes and single-celled eukaryotes are also _________ organisms and are typically referred to as microorganisms

The genie wasn't through with h_ _ tricks. In the merchant's wa_ _ _ _ _ _ _ were twelve sealed baskets of g_ _ _ _, one of which was fodder for p_ _ _. The genie stealthily removed the l_ _ _ _ _ and rearranged the baskets so that it was imp_ _ _ _ _ _ _ to tell which contained pig fodder. The mer_ _ _ _ _ didn't discover the situation until a c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ arrived to buy grain. The customer was an important man and he was in a h_ _ _ _. If the pig fodder weighed a bit more than the other grain, how could the merchant, in one weighing, a_ _ _ _ the pig fodder and make sure he was s_ _ _ _ _ _ fine grain?

Don Casey has had a long, s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, and illustrious c_ _ _ _ _ as a basketball coach at all l_ _ _ _ _. Starting out as the coach of Bishop Eustace Preparatory School, he won two back-to-back New Jersey s_ _ _ _ Cha_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ then moved on to be an assistant under Hall of Fame Coach Harry Litwak at Temple University. Don took over the program at Temple, and the team was c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in the top tier of NCAA defensive stats. Don was then sought out by the NBA’s Chicago Bulls as an assistant c_ _ _ _, joining the team in 1982. This led to head and assistant coach assignments with the B_ _ _ _ _ Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, and New Jersey Nets. 


The passing trains always a_ _ _ _ _ _ me there as well. My first w_ _ _ was “choo choo,” since the first t_ _ _ _ years of my life was near a train s_ _ _ _ _ _ in the Greenlake area o_ Seattle. So, I had a calling towards trains since my birth. Walking the tracks, I would meet i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ people, learn to know when t_ _ _ _ _ were coming through the vibration and singing of the r_ _ _ _, and would be immersed in a world with a f_ _ _ _ _ on one side and the Puget Sound and the other. This c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of forest and ocean was enchanting, and captured my i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 

Bamboo p_ _ _ _ are sold through o_ _ _ _ _ retailers, l_ _ _ _ bamboo suppliers (where available), import stores a_ _ some garden centers. The poles come in sizes ranging f_ _ _ about 1/4" to 5" in diameter and in lengths up to 20 ft. or so. Of course, the d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are approximate and variable, since this is a n_ _ _ _ _ _ product. For this project, the vertical supports are 1-1/2" in diameter and the horizontal and vertical crosspieces are 1" in diameter. While bamboo can survive m_ _ _ years of exposure to the elements, a bamboo trellis is lightweight enough that you can simply pull it off of its supports and store it over w_ _ _ _ _. Ground contact or burial of bamboo poles d_ _ _ lead to premature rot, so it’s a good idea to prop up the trellis poles on stones or brick to prevent ground contact. A s_ _ _ _ pile of stones nicely hides the rebar and creates an attractive base around e_ _ _ _ support pole. 

It seems that Richmond Beach is o_ _ of those places that no m_ _ _ _ _ how bad you f_ _ _, you will leave feeling soothed and r_ _ _ _ _ _. It is like therapy just to walk a_ _ _ _ _, feel the ionic breeze of the Puget Sound, smell the seaweed and moisture, hear the variety of birds singing, listen to the c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of moderate waves, witness the sailboats and other boats on the w_ _ _ _, take in the Olympic mountains in all their g_ _ _ _, see people enjoying themselves on the be_ _ _, the whistle and trucking of a d_ _ _ _ _ _ train, and feel the sand on the s_ _ _ _ of your feet, melding into each other w_ _ _ each step. It is a whole therapeutic pa_ _ _ _ _.

In order to f______ properly, cells need to have appropriate c_______ such as proper temperature, pH, and appropriate concentration of diverse chemicals. These conditions may, h______, change from one moment to the next. Organisms are able to m______ internal conditions within a narrow range almost constantly, despite environmental c_____, through homeostasis (literally, “steady state”). For example, an o______ needs to regulate body t_______ through a process known as thermoregulation. Organisms that live in c__ climates, such as the p___ bear, have body structures that help them withstand low temperatures and conserve b___ heat. Structures that aid in this type of insulation include fur, feathers, blubber, and fat. In hot climates, organisms have methods (such as perspiration in humans or panting in dogs) that help them to shed e______ body heat.

Birds add color, movement, and music to a garden. As if that’s not enough to m_ _ _ them welcome guests, some species e_ _ their weight in mosquitoes, grubs, and insects daily. The single most important thing you can d_ to attract birds is to provide a source of water, a fact that puts a birdbath near the top of any list of a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ garden ornaments. This birdbath is sturdy, inexpensive, and e_ _ _ to b_ _ _ _. Best of all, its classic lines only i_ _ _ _ _ _ with age. If you p_ _ _ _ _ it in a shady spot and encourage patches of moss to develop, it will blend into the landscape as if it’s been part of your garden for decades. It’s m_ _ _ from hypertufa—a mixture of portland cement, peat moss, and sand or perlite. W_ _ _ _ _ _ with hypertufa is like making mud pies, except that it dries into an attractive substance that holds its shape and stands up to years of use. For general i_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ on working with hypertufa, see page 193. For this birdbath, use Recipe #2, which creates a watertight formula.  

(samo glagoli): When it comes to b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ codes and treehouses, the official word is that there is no official word. Many municipalities—the governing p_ _ _ _ _ over building and zoning laws—consider treehouses to be “temporary” structures when they fit within certain size limits, typically about 100 to 120 square feet and not more than 10 to 12 feet tall. If you h_ _ _ _ concerns about the restrictiveness of the local laws, k_ _ _ _ _ _ your treehouse within their size limits for temporary structures is a good precaution to take. It’s often likely that city officials c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ treehouses too minor to be concerned with them. On top of that, building codes for earth-bound buildings are based on measurable, predictable factors that engineers use to ca_ _ _ _ _ _ _ things like strength requirements. Drafting a set of standards for structures built on living, moving, and infinitely variable foundations (trees) quickly becomes a cat-herding exercise for engineers. Thus, few codes exist that set construction standards for treehouses. This means more responsibility is p_ _ _ _ _ on the builder. When it comes to z_ _ _ _ _ laws, the city p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ office is concerned less with a treehouse’s construction and more with its impact on your property. They may state that you can’t build anything within 3 feet or more of your property line (a setback restriction) or that you c_ _’_ build a treehouse in your front yard. 

(Samo glagoli) No matter what kind of greenhouse you h_ _ _ in mind, chances are you c_ _ find a kit to match your vision. Dozens of companies o_ _ _ _ kits in diverse styles, sizes, materials, and prices. Some offer door options—sliding versus swinging doors, for example, with and without locks and screens. Some offer glazing combinations, such as polycarbonate roof panels with glass walls. And some even offer extension kits for certain models, so you can a_ _ onto your greenhouse as your space requirements grow. Kit basics usually i_ _ _ _ _ _ framing, glazing panels, vents (though usually not enough—it’s a good idea to buy extras), and hardware. A good kit will c_ _ _ predrilled and precut, so you only n_ _ _ a few tools to assemble it. Kits do not include the foundation, benches, or accessories. Be s_ _ _ the kit you choose comes with clear, comprehensive instructions and a customer-service number for assistance. Also ensure that it c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ with your local building codes and p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ regulations. Depending on the company, s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ may be included in the price. Because kits are heavy, shipping can be expensive; be sure to figure it and the cost of the foundation, benches, all necessary accessories, and the installation of utilities into your budget.

If you’re fortunate enough to h_ _ _ a yard with at least one sizable tree on it, you’ve probably entertained the idea of b_ _ _ _ _ _ _ a treehouse (after all, you are human, which makes you roughly 96 percent chimp). So what’s st_ _ _ _ _ _ you? Let’s see . . .you’re not a carpenter, your design skills are largely or totally untested, and you don’t k_ _ _ the first thing about building a house, let alone one that hovers 10 feet above the ground. No big deal—you can do this. The first step is to l_ _ _ _ a little bit about trees and decide whether you have a suitable host. And don’t w_ _ _ _ if your yard isn’t blessed with the perfect specimen; there are plenty of options for the arboreally c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Next comes a basic lesson in treehouse design (if you can tell the difference between a 2 × 4 and a lag screw, you’ll d_ just fine). Here you’ll also learn the important relationship between the tree and the house design and why the living wood determines the best plan for the lumber. The foundation of any treehouse is the platform. That’s what’s anchored to the tree and therefore requires the most s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ techniques and considerations. But once the platform is in place, a treehouse goes up pretty much like any outdoor building, such as a shed or a doghouse for an Irish Wolfhound. Yet treehouses aren’t just tree-borne outbuildings; many of them are more like out-there buildings, with funky angles, fun accessories, and all manner of custom details that sprout from the builder’s imagination or, more accurately, from their inner child. Zip line, anyone?

Bull running was a var_ _ _ _ activity. It was usually held on a h_ _ _ _ _ _. It began with the baiting of the b_ _ _ _, usually with l_ _ _ _ _ irritants or a red effigy. This was followed by a free-for-all through the s_ _ _ _ _ _ of the town. It was similar to contemporary bull running in F_ _ _ _ _ and Spain, the most f_ _ _ _ _ being at Pamplona. Badger baiting was another form of the sport. Again the a_ _ _ _ _ was tied to a stake and a dog was loosed on it, worrying it while the badger f_ _ _ _ _ back with its jaws and claws. A variation of this sport was badger drawing, in which a badger was placed in a box. The dog’s master held the d_ _ by the scruff of its n_ _ _ and by the tail, letting the dog into the box and then drawing it out by the t_ _ _. 

Sw_ _ _ _ _ _ i_ self-propulsion o_ a person trough w_ _ _ _, or other liquid, usually f_ _ recreation, sport, exercise, o_ survival. Locomotion is achieved through coordinated m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the limbs and t_ _ body to achieve hydrodynamic thrust w_ _ _ _ results in directional motion. H_ _ _ _ _ c_ _ hold their breath underwater a_ _ undertake rudimentary locomotive s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ within weeks o_ birth, as a s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ response. Swimming i_ consistently among t_ _ top p_ _ _ _ _ recreational activities, and s_ _ _ c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, swimming l_ _ _ _ _ _ are compulsory p_ _ _ of educational curriculum. As a formalized s_ _ _ _ , swimming features in a range of local, national, and I_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _competitions, including e_ _ _ _ modern Summer Olympics. 

A wheel i_ a circular c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ that is intended t _ rotate on a_ axle bearing. T_ _ wheel is one of the key components o_ the wheel a _ _ axle w_ _ _ _ is one of the six simple m_ _ _ _ _ _ _. Wheels, i_ conjunction w_ _ _ axles, allow heavy objects t _ b_ moved easily facilitating movement o_ t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ w_ _ _ _ supporting a load, or performing labor i_ machines. W _ _ _ _ _ are also u_ _ _ for o_ _ _ _ purposes, such as a ship's wheel, steering wheel, potter's wheel and flywheel. Common examples a_ _ found i_ t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ applications. A wheel greatly reduces friction b_ facilitating motion by rolling t_ _ _ _ _ _ _ with the use of axles. In order for wheels t_ r_ _ _ _ _, a moment needs to be applied to the wheel about its axis, either by way of g_ _ _ _ _ _ or by the application of another external f_ _ _ _ or torque. Using t_ _ w_ _ _ _, Sumerians invented a contraption t_ _ _ spins clay as a potter shapes i_ into the desired object. 

 Of course, b_ _ _ _ _ a greenhouse that is too small c_ _ lead to frustration if your plant collection outgrows the space. It is also much more difficult to c_ _ _ _ _ _ the temperature. One compromise is to buy a greenhouse that’s one size larger than you originally planned, or better yet, to i_ _ _ _ _ in an expandable structure. Many models are available as modules that allow additions as your enthusiasm g_ _ _ _. When choosing a greenhouse, take into account the size of your property. How much space will the structure c_ _ _ _ _ _? Most of the expense comes from operating the greenhouse, especially during winter. The larger the structure, the more expensive it is to h_ _ _ _. Be sure the greenhouse has enough room for you to w_ _ _. Allow space for benches, shelves, tools, pots, watering cans, soil, hoses, sinks, and a pathway through the plants. If you want benches on both sides, choose a greenhouse that is at least 8 ft. wide by 10 ft. long. G_ _ _ yourself enough headroom, and allow extra height if you are growing tall plants or plan to hang baskets 

Kristofer Columbus w_ _ explorer and navigator w_ _ c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ four voyages across the A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Ocean, opening t_ _ way f_ _ the widespread European e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and colonization o_ the A_ _ _ _ _ _ _. His e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, sponsored b _ the Catholic Monarchs o_ Spain, w_ _ _ the first European contact w_ _ _ t_ _ Caribbean, Central America a_ _ S_ _ _ _ America. Columbus w_ _ widely read i_ geography, h_ _ _ _ _ _ a _ _ astronomy. He developed a p_ _ _ t_ seek a western s_ _ passage t_ the E_ _ _ Indies, h_ _ _ _ _ to profit t_ _ lucrative spice trade. Following Columbus’s persistent lobbying i_ multiple k_ _ _ _ _ _ _, the Catholic Monarchs Q_ _ _ _ Isabella I a_ _ K_ _ _ Ferdinand II agreed t_ sponsor a j_ _ _ _ _ _ west. Columbus l_ _ _ Castile i_ A_ _ _ _ _ 1492 with three s_ _ _ _ and m_ _ _ landfall in the Americas on 12 October 1492, ending the period h_ _ _ _ habitation in the Americas n_ _ referred t_ a_ the pre-Columbian era. 

When she was 7 years old, she mastered the Latin, G_ _ _ _, and Hebrew Lan_ _ _ _ _ _, and at the age of 9 she p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a Latin discourse def_ _ _ _ _ _ higher education for w_ _ _ _. During her teens, she privately studied the m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of Descartes, Newton, Leibniz, a_ _ Euler. She also t_ _ _ _ _ _ the family's younger children and was ho_ _ _ _ _ _ at scientific and mathematical m_ _ _ _ _ _ _ arranged by her father. At the age of 20, she published Propositiones Philosophicae, a treatise on philosophy. For the next decade, she w_ _ _ _ _ on her 2-volume mathematics book Analytic Institutions for the Use of Italian Youth, which was finally published in 1748. Volume 1 dealt with algebra and precalculus mathematics, and volume 2 discussed d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and integral calculus, infinite series, and differential equations. Her clearly written textbooks included a discussion of the cubic c_ _ _ _ now know as the "witch of Agnesi."


A banana __ an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas _____ for _________ may _ _____ "plantains", distinguishing them from dessert bananas. The fruit __ variable in size, color, and firmness, but is usually elongated and ______, with soft flesh rich in starch _______ with a rind, which may be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when ripe. The fruits _____ upward in clusters near the top of the plant. Almost all modern edible seedless (parthenocarp) bananas come from two wild species – Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. The scientific names of most ________ bananas are Musa acuminata, Musa balbisiana, and Musa × paradisiaca for the hybrid Musa acuminata × M. balbisiana, _______ on their genomic constitution. The old scientific name for this hybrid, Musa sapientum, __ no longer _____. 

For more people, the future is u_ _ _ _ _ _ _; the direction their l_ _ _ will take is not spelled out for t_ _ _. Each person is r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for the choices she will make that will determine the c_ _ _ _ _ of her life. One of the c_ _ _ _ _ _ that has an incredible impact on her life is what she will choose for her career. This can be a difficult decision to make, as it will a_ _ _ _ _ almost every aspect of a person’s life to some degree. Most people are also not fortunate enough to r_ _ _ _ _ _ a startling revelation d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ them on the right course for their lives. Instead, the most p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ way that a person is able to determine her direction is not through an earthshaking r_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ but through the quite confidence that this is what she is c_ _ _ _ _ to do and to be. 

From year  _ _   year scientists were   _ _ ming to new insights. In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus created a mo_ _ _  of a heliocentric solar sys_ _ _ . Heliocentrism is the astronomical model in which the Earth _ _ _ planets revo_ _ _  around the Sun. 57 years after, Hans Lippershey invented the telescope. Th_ _  invention helps to observe distant objects _ _  their emission, absorption, or reflection of electromagnetic radiation. Galileo Galilei stood trial for scientific observation, and Isaac Newton articulated the   _ _ _ ory of gravity.  In the eighteenth century, more precisely in 1774,  Joseph Priestly discovered oxy_ _ _ , while in 1781 William Herschel  _ _ _ covered Uranus.

There are many types of villages in the  w____.  All villages are different, but a___ beautiful on their own way. Different countries and cu______ have different types of villages. Villages are sm_____ than cities, and their biggest job is farm___. The compact villages are villages where the most con_________ of people is in one or two st_____. Houses are next to the primary road. You can find t____ types of villages only in Europe, Africa and Asia. Broken villages  are com_______ different from compact villages. They are much bigger, but concentration of people is much less. Houses in these re_____ are built without any system. These types of villages are located in  North and South America, Australia, Russia and Europe.

Plants are multicellular organisms and they have tissue systems that are made of various cell types that carry out specific functions. There are two types of plant tissue systems: _____ and _____ tissue. _____ tissue cells are either undifferentiated or incompletely differentiated, and they continue to divide so the plant can grow. _____ tissue consists of plant cells that have specific roles and are not dividing actively. Permanent tissue can be divided into: _____,_____ and _____ tissue. _____ tissue covers the plant and protects it from mechanical injuries, sudden temperature changes, strong light, parasites, and loss of water. _____ tissue transports water, minerals, and sugars to different parts of the plant. It is made of two specialized tissues: _____ and _____. _____ tissue transports water and nutrients from the roots to different parts of the plant. _____ tissue transports organic compounds from the site of photosynthesis to other parts of the plant. _____ tissue serves as a site for photosynthesis, provides a supporting matrix for the vascular tissue, and helps to store water and sugars.

Asia is Earth's largest and m_ _ _ populous continent, l_ _ _ _ _ _ primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. I_ shares the continental landmass of Eurasia wi_ _ t_ _ continent of E_ _ _ _ _, and the continental landmass o_ Afro-Eurasia with A_ _ _ _ _ and Europe. Asia covers an a_ _ _ of 44,579,000 square k_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 17,212,000 about 30% of Earth's total l_ _ _ area and 8.7% of the Earth's total surface area. The continent, w_ _ _ _ _h_ _ long been home to the majority of the human p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, w_ _ the site of many of the first civilizations. Its 4.7 billion people constitutes roughly 60% of the w_ _ _ _ 's population. In general terms, A_ _ _ is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean, o_ the s_ _ _ _ _ by the Indian O_ _ _ _, a_ _ on the north by the Arctic Ocean. T_ _ b_ _ _ _ _ of Asia w_ _ _ Europe is a historical and cultural construct, as t_ _ _ _is no clear physical and geographical separation between t_ _ _. It i_ somewhat arbitrary and has moved s_ _ _ _ its first conception i_ classical antiquity.

There were people who couldn't live without slavery, and others who couldn't live____ slavery, but most people just didn't care. The pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups could not make an _____ where both sides would be satisfied. The slave system was at severe risk unless the laws of the nation_______ ownership of slaves no matter where the slave was at the moment, otherwise they would just cross into free territory and be free. New laws_____ escaped slaves to be returned to their owners, even if the slave was in an area where most of the people_____ slavery, like Chicago, which had riots when the law was enforced. The new president Lincoln was for anti-slavery and pro-slavery groups thought that he would not¬¬¬¬_____ the laws, so most of the states where slavery was legal decided to declare independence from the rest of the country.  When Lincoln tried to resupply the fort in Fort Sumter, South Carolina, troops loyal to South Carolina___ on the fort. That action set public opinion in New York City, which profited from the primary slavery crop cotton, to drop its support for the independence states and there was just enough support to send more______ to the South to bring them back into the union. The Union should have won the war easily because they had more men and resources, but they had___¬_ commanders until Lincoln picked Ulysses S. Grant, who was right man for the job. In the meantime, more and____ people from the North found out about_____ and became disgusted by slavery. Grant and the rest of the Union commanders chased the remnants of the Confederate army all over the South____ they surrendered.

Although often found in k_ _ _ _ _ _ _, a garden window is an attractive option for nearly any r_ _ _ in your home. Projecting out from the wall 16 to 24", garden w_ _ _ _ _ add space to a room, making it feel larger. The glass roof and box-like design make them ideal growing environments for plants or display areas for collectibles. Garden windows a_ _ _ typically include front- or side-opening windows. These allow for v_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and are usually available in either awning or casement style. Home stores often stock garden windows in s_ _ _ _ _ _ common sizes. However, it may be difficult to locate a s_ _ _ _ window that will fit in your existing window rough opening. In cases like this you must rebuild the rough opening to the p_ _ _ _ _ size. It may be worth the added e_ _ _ _ _ _ to custom-order your garden w_ _ _ _ _ to fit into the existing rough opening. The large amount of glass in a garden window has a direct e_ _ _ _ _ _ on the window’s energy efficiency. When purchasing a garden w_ _ _ _ _, as a minimum, look for double-pane glass with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings. More expensive super-efficient types of Although often found in kitchens, a garden window is an attractive o_____ for nearly any room in your home. Projecting out from the wall 16 to 24", garden windows add space to a room, making it feel larger. The glass roof and box-like design make them i_ _ _ _ growing environments for plants or display areas for collectibles. Garden windows also typically include front- or side-opening windows. These allow for ventilation and are usually available in either awning or casement s_ _ _ _. Home stores often stock garden windows in several common sizes. However, it may be difficult to locate a stock window that w_ _ _ fit in your existing window rough opening. In c_ _ _ _ like this you must rebuild the rough opening to the proper size. It may be w_ _ _ _ the added expense to custom-order your garden window to fit into the existing rough opening. The large amount of glass in a g_ _ _ _ _ window has a direct effect on the window’s energy eff_ _ _ _ _ _ _. When purchasing a garden window, as a minimum, look for double-pane glass with low-emissivity (low-E) coatings. More expensive super-efficient types of glass are a_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ for severely c_ _ _ climates. Installation m_ _ _ _ _ _ for garden windows vary by manufacturer. Some units include a nailing flange that attaches to the framing and h_ _ _ _ the window against the house. Other models hang on a separate mounting frame that attaches to the outside of the h_ _ _ _. In this project, the garden window has a built-in mounting s_ _ _ _ _ that slides into the rough opening and is attached directly to the r_ _ _ _ _ framinglass are available for severely cold climates. Installation methods for garden windows vary by manufacturer. Some units include a nailing flange that attaches to the framing and holds the window against the house. Other m_ _ _ _ _ hang on a separate mounting frame that attaches to the outside of the house. In this project, the garden window has a built-in mounting sleeve that s_ _ _ _ _ into the rough opening and is attached directly to the rough framing.  

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