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                                                                      The Bear Facts

The word “bear” can conjure up a variety of images—from a sweet teddy to the untamed force of a grizzly. There are actually seven species of bear and many subspecies. Their size, appearance, habitat, and diet differ greatly. The polar bear and grizzly are the indisputable kings of the bears. The largest of the bears is the polar bear. It roams the harsh arctic, undaunted by the cold. The key to its survival there lies in its coat. Over a dense underfur lie long hairs that get matted when wet and help keep the skin dry. Seals are its main prey, and ice floes provide a base of operations on its incessant quest for food. The grizzly has immense physical strength and mobility. Once these bears roamed much of North America, but due to human intrusion, they have retreated to mainly northern remote areas. Though easily capable of knocking down a bison, this bear prefers to indulge in berries and roots. And yes, this brown bear does steal honey from bees’ nests. Despite their differences, these two kinds of bears are so closely related that the two can interbreed and produce fertile hybrid offspring.

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